Friday, September 16, 2016

How to Stay Motivated

We all struggle with motivation at some point in our lives. I am a highly motivated person, but I still struggle to get out of the bed some mornings. It is ok to not be on your game 100% of the time. But I thought I would give you all some tips for those days when you need just a little extra motivation. 

1. Make a To-Do List
 I think making a to-do list can be extremely therapeutic. Writing down and then being able to cross off what you accomplish allows you to stay motivated thought the day and continue to get things done. 

2. Get Help When you Need it
 Seriously if you are struggling with something find someone to help you. Whether it is a teacher to assist you with a homework assignment or a friend to help you figure out a life problem. Don't fight your battles alone. 

3. Find a Change of Scenery
Sometimes you just need to get out. Head to a local park or library and just experience a new place. Sometimes you'll get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing everyday and just need to break out and try something new. 

4. Reward Yourself
 When you get something accomplished reward yourself. Whether its buying a piece of clothing you've been wanting or just eating a cookie. Give yourself something to tell yourself good job. 

5. Take Time for Yourself
Don't overwork yourself. Find time to do something that makes you happy and encourages you to keep working hard. It can be as simple as spending an hour talking to your best friend or taking a weekend off and relaxing in bed. 

If you are really struggling with motivation than make sure you are not overcommitting or under committing to activities. Overcommitting will burn you out while under committing will encourage laziness. Try to find the perfect balance of being involved but not killing yourself because that is where you will be most motivated. I hope this post was helpful! Let me know how you like to stay motivated.


  1. Finding a change of scenery is SO important. It always helps me gain some motivation! :)

    XOXO Paulina