Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My First Week of School: College Update

I have made it through a little over a week of college, and it has been great! I moved in Friday, August 26th, which was a whirlwind but I was able to get everything in my room set-up the way that I wanted. At Wake Forest, the first 4 days you are there is orientation, so there are fun activities(& boring seminars) all the time. It was a little bit overwhelming for me at first because it was just a lot of constant activity. It was great because it really helped to keep you distracted from missing your parents and becoming homesick. Even though I totally cried when I said goodbye to my parents on Saturday afternoon. But it was a great way to meet a ton of people and begin to form friendships. But I was eagerly waiting for Tuesday when classes would start and I could begin to get back in to a routine. 

Top: Old Navy // Pants: Levi // Necklace: J.Crew Factory // Shoes: Jack Rogers

Tuesday was the first day of classes and I was extremely excited. I don't have any 8 A.M. classes, thank goodness. I had Spanish and Library, and both classes were really great. Once I take this Spanish class, I will be done with Spanish forever! And I am taking library just to give myself an extra hour, but I do think it will be a really helpful class for teaching me to research. Wednesday I had 3 classes: Introduction to the Bible, Comparative Government, and my first year seminar. My religion teacher is really fun and the class for my first year seminar seems really great. Thursday I had the same classes as Tuesday. And Friday I had just my religion class. I was very surprised though at the amount of homework and reading I had on the first week of school, but I guess it isn't called work forest for nothing. I'm very excited for all my classes and look forward to this semester! It was great to start forming a routine and figuring out what I like to do. 

Top: Old Navy // Necklace: Local Boutique // Watch: Daniel Wellington 

In terms of fun things I went to a Zumba class with Elisabeth, which was great and helped me to get some exercise. Though I have been getting so many steps since I've been here, I don't have to walk very far but it seems like I'm just walking a lot of short distances and it adds up. We also had our first home football game this Thursday against Tulane. My friends and I attended for the first half and Wake forest ended up winning the game! My dad also decided to come up for the game since he has season tickets, so it was nice to see him even though it had only been a week. We hung out Friday morning after my class. It was nice to get to talk to him and give him a hug! We went to a movie Friday night which was really fun, and then just hung out and played some games. It's been really fun to just hang out with and get to know people a little more a form better friendships. 

Bedding: PB Teen

Overall, I am having a great time! I'm looking forward to this upcoming week as we have a club fair, that will help me find some ways to get involved on campus. I'm looking forward to attending my classes and starting to get settled down. There is so much to look forward to and I'm so excited for my future!


  1. I'm glad to hear your first week of college went well Ashley!
    xo, Syd

  2. Good Luck this semester that's so good that you are enjoying it!!
    Xo, Kelsey