Monday, September 19, 2016

The Fall Transition

If you live in the south, you know we have entered one of the most annoying points in the year. The time when the weather jumps to extremes within the course of one day. It will be in the low 70's in the morning and in the 90's by the afternoon. This weather can be extremely difficult to dress for because you are either cold in the morning or hot in the afternoon. My go-to has been to wear jeans and a tank top and to bring a sweater with me in the morning. I know some people think it's crazy to wear jeans in 90 degree weather, but it really doesn't bother me. As a result, I thought for all the other southerners out there, I would share two outfits that will hopefully inspire you with what to wear during this summer into fall transition. 

Jeans: Levi
Shoes: Lucky Brand

Top: Old Navy (Similar)
Jeans: Levi
Bracelet: Georgie Designs

I know these two outfits were very similar, that's why I included them in one post. But they both are so practical for this fall transition weather. I hope you all have a great Monday! Let me know something exciting you are doing this week in the comments below.

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