Monday, October 31, 2016

It's Okay to Like Going Out

Credit: Live Life Happy
I have to preface this post with a confession. Confession: I've been at college for two months and I just went to my first party this past weekend. I didn't go out for two reasons: I don't drink and my best friend had no interest in going out. So we stayed in on the weekends watching movies and going to bed by midnight. I walked back to my dorm as girls and guys went out in different themed apparel for the different parties that night. Sometimes I'd feel like I was missing out, but most of the time I just felt indifferent. It was just my life; I did things differently. I was a different person, but was that the person I wanted to be? This past Friday my perspective changed, my friend Elisabeth(you may know her as Tall & Preppy) made me realize that I was missing out. Talking to her I realized that I needed to give going out a try.

So I went out that night with a great group of girls(& even convinced my BFF to come) and had an amazing time. Even though I had to scramble for a costume and figure out what shoes I was willing to sacrifice to the frat sludge; it was probably one of the most fun nights of college so far. With that I realized something, I realized that it is okay to like to go out and dance and have fun on Friday night after a long week. That sometimes you need to do the thing you never thought you would. I guess the reason why I loved the party was because it was so different. It was such a change from everything I was used to. To me going to that party made it actually feel like a weekend, a break from all the constant school work. And somehow by something I may never understand dancing around in a hot, dark basement of a frat house I was happy.

But the problem is while I was extremely happy, later that night I also felt guilty. I felt like I should have hated it, it wasn't me. It did not define my personality. It wasn't the person my friends and family knew. I didn't want to become a different person. But a chat with my mom cleared everything up, she made me realize that it is okay to like to go out. That just because you go out doesn't mean that you have to be a different person. That you can still hold on to yourself and your personality. 

So I guess my point in writing this is to say that going to parties doesn't make you a different person. Or more generally that picking up a new trait, a new hobby, a new interest doesn't change you.  I still act the same way and am still the person I have always been, I just may enjoy a party on the weekend. I think this weekend I realized the beauty of leaving your comfort zone. I did something different and realized that it was really something that I enjoyed.

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