Monday, November 28, 2016

Falling in Love with my Hometown

I was always the girl that was ready to get out of her hometown. I wasn't happy with the people, the things to-do, the restaurants; everything about it honestly just did not feel like me. So when the time to go to college came, I was ready to go as far away as I possibly could. I went on the college search to countless out of state schools, counting the hours it would take to get back home. And when the day finally came, I never looked back as I packed the car and got ready for my new journey. I was ready to go, I was ready for change. 

But I realized that there is something magical about coming back about going back to familiarity and comfort. When I came back for Thanksgiving Break I was reminded of everything that made my town magical. As I drove across the bridge and looked out on to the sparkling lake, I smiled. As I chased the sunset surrounded by mountains with leaves changing colors, I laughed. I laughed because the place I once hated so much, I realized was the best place I could have asked to grow up. The small town charm, the never ending pastures, and the friendly people were exactly the things I needed. I needed a warm inviting loving place, a place that no matter where you turned it felt like home.

Sometimes I guess it takes being removed from a situation to realize how meaningful it is to you. My high school self would think I am insane for even thinking about writing this post. But this trip helped me to realize that sometimes you need the comforts of your hometown. I left home inspired, but more importantly I left home happy. I left home happy with the way my life played out and I realized that I am so thankful to have grown up where I did. It was a simple Thanksgiving lesson, to appreciate life and appreciate imperfection. To trust that in every moment you are exactly where you need to be. 


  1. One of the experience every growing young one needs to realise. Indeed you realise the worth of your place when you are away. Thanks for sharing your experience