Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oops I Wore it Again

Jeans: Levi's
Watch: Kate Spade
Shoes: Target

This outfit may look very familiar, mostly because it's almost the exact same as this one that I posted on Friday. That outfit, in reality I really only wore for maybe two hours(mostly just for the pictures) because I had a health lab and was wearing exercise clothes for most of the day. So when I got dressed a few days later it didn't really cross my mind that I had worn almost the exact same thing. I hope you enjoy seeing it anyway! I've really been trying to get more creative with my outfits this week. I absolutely love this stripe shirt, it is definitely my new favorite and I know that I will be wearing it constantly all throughout the year. Stripes are perfect for every season! Also, this necklace is such a good deal, less than $20!! I promise I'm not sponsored I just think it is way to good of a deal on a necklace to not share.

As you can see in this picture this past weekend was homecoming. It was so fun to attend some different activities as well as attend the football game(even though we lost). This was the first weekend that actually felt like a weekend and not just a continuation of school. If you want to hear more about my fun weekend check out this post! This week has been fairly relaxing compared to everything that went on last week. I'd love to hear what fun things you all are up to, let me know in the comments!


  1. A striped shirt is always my go-to outfit! I love how you added the fun necklace too! I bet homecoming was so much fun - I sure miss those days!!