Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Into the Garden

This past Saturday was my birthday, omg I'm 19! For my birthday I really wanted to go and explore this garden a little ways from me. My grandparents had taken my sister there a few years ago and they were always telling me about how pretty it was and how much I would love it because I love flowers! So for my birthday, I thought it would be fun for my whole family to head there, and of course, we couldn't help but take lots of fun photos while there. You probably saw a sneak peek on my Instagram(@welldressedash) but here are lots more photos of the beautiful Gibbs Garden

Tank: J.Crew Factory // Skirt: J.Crew Factory // Jacket: J.Crew Factory //Sandals: Palm Beach Sandals

I absolutely love this outfit, I think it's simple but still super cute, plus it incorporates my favorite color to wear kelly green. Also, I love the J.Crew Factory sidewalk skirts. I was never a big fan of skirts until I discovered these, and now I own four(oops). They are the absolute perfect addition to your wardrobe for two reasons: they are classic and never go out of style and they are super versatile. Like I will wear this skirt on a casual day with a tee or a blouse and a cardigan for an interview. They are perfect for college when you really need a versatile wardrobe. These skirts are the best and the elastic waistband makes them so comfy! I hope you all are having a great week, Happy Wednesday!


  1. And Jack Roger's sandals are universal! Adorable with style.-Laurel Bledsoe