Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sister, Sister I Love You

When people ask me what the hardest part of going away to college is, I always say leaving my family, especially my sister. And if you ask my sister what the most annoying thing I do is, she would probably say bug her about going to a college close to me. Growing up I really never had a best friend, I didn’t like using the term because I felt like it always led to someone getting hurt. So, I insisted that I didn’t have one, but the older I get the more I realize how truly wrong I was. I have always had a best friend in my sister. No matter the ever changing friend groups throughout my life, she was the one always there.

I hope my sister knows that I’m always going to be her number one fan. That I’m always going to cheer her on no matter what she does. I know high school and growing up isn’t easy and that honestly sometimes it stinks. So, I hope she knows that I’m always hear to talk to, even if I’m a few hundred miles away at school. I hope she know that she is loved and that I can’t imagine a day without seeing her smiling face (thank goodness for Snapchat).

But I also want to thank my sister for being there for me. For always taking my picture when I ask and then taking more when I don’t like how they turn out. And for also calling me basic after I post cheesy captions or silly boomerangs. I thank her for putting up with my silliness, for listening to Ed Sheeran with me, and for eating popsicles out on the porch with me. Thanks for being my little sister, though you don’t seem so little anymore.

The reality is that like any good siblings, we have our moments. We get upset with each other, but at the end of the day we realize none of the silly stuff matters. What matters is that we always have each others backs. My sister is honestly an inspiration to me. She has always known she wants to be a teacher because she wants to help others learn. She dedicates countless time to helping others become better students already and I can’t wait to see what she does throughout the course of her life.

So cheers to you, Meg! I love you! 

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