Monday, July 10, 2017

Living in the Moment: Saying No to Distractions

The other day I looked at my phone and checked the settings where you can see how much time you spend on different apps(on the iPhone it's in the settings under battery if you want to check yours). I saw that in the last 7 days I spent 9.5 hours on Instagram and 2.2 hours on Snapchat. I saw this and was in utter shock at just how long I spend on just those 2 apps. This gave me a wake-up call in realizing that I need to spend more time living and less time on my phone. I wasted 9 hours of my life simply scrolling through photos on Instagram, which is extremely excessive. 

It's so hard to put your phone or your Netflix down when you're bored at home, but I'm looking to try and change that by keeping myself busy with things I care about. I'm attempting to make use of my free time to avoid getting sucked into the Instagram wormhole. Working on something for the blog in my spare time or painting/reading a book to keep off my phone. And while I'm out, it's really helped to carry a purse and keep my phone in it. This makes me much less likely to pull it out. I used to just carry it around in my hand which makes it much more tempting to use. But the real point of this post is simply to emphasize how important it is to live in the moment. 

I realize that a lot of the best moments of my life are the ones when my phone was dead or I wasn't worried about capturing the perfect Insta photo. So many of the best moments become clouded by the obsession to be able to capture the moment in a way that it would be perceived as perfect. I realize that this can make you miss out on just how great life really is. You no longer see a moment for what it really is but what you want it to be. And then you miss out on the true beauty of the moment. 

I feel like I didn't really say much in this post, but I really wanted to share that sometimes you need to put down the phone and simply enjoy life as it is.  There is so much life to enjoy and you don't want to miss a single moment it scrolling through your Instagram feed.

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  1. You are one of the young bloggers we follow because you are so insightful and we learn FROM you! Nice post.-Laurel