Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lovely in Lilly Shorts

I love sharing outfit posts on my blog, but sometimes I get a little tired of posting them because I want to be able to say more in the post. I realized that just because I'm sharing an outfit doesn't have to stop me from writing a fun post. So today in conjunction with this super cute Lilly outfit that I love, I'm going to be sharing 10 facts about me that you probably don't know!

1. I love flamingos(okay maybe you knew that from this post). But totally unconsciously I find myself standing like a flamingo(see picture above), and honestly I have no idea why. For some reason when I stand like that I feel really balanced. Idk haha judge me it's fine. 

2. Pasta is my favorite food, honestly, I could eat it for every meal. It was the thing I missed the most while I was away at college, dining hall pasta was extremely average and bland. I love baked ziti and penne alla vodka, and I'm actually eating pasta with vodka sauce as I write this. 

3. For as long as I can remember I've loved country music, it's definitely my favorite type of music. I guess it's because it is the music I grew up listening to and because I live in Georgia where country music is most definitely king. My favs are definitely Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. 

4. I'm an over thinker, over packer, and over planner. Basically, anything that can be over done, I over do it. Catch me bringing 4 different bags home for a long weekend home, it's most definitely excessive but oh well. I feel like all of these things are both a blessing and a curse. 

5. I started this blog as a way to help people. I've always had this strong desire to inspire others and I guess that's part of my reasoning behind starting this blog. While it's fun to share outfits and fun travels, I hope people can learn and benefit from the posts I share.

6. I have an irrational fear of not being able to turn the lights on. I'm not scared of the dark, but I'm scared of not being able to get out of the dark. I have dreams about this happening quite frequently but have only had this actualized once when I woke up to the power being out. 

7. I love to wear dresses and skirts but I rarely do because I always feel like I look too dressy. But I'm trying to get more comfortable simply wearing the clothes that make me happy! Sneak peak, tomorrow's blog post is all about my love for skirts haha

8. I rarely wear t-shirts, but I have a whole dresser drawer overstuffed with them. I have my big and my sorority t-shirt chair to thank for that(all the shirts are just so cute, I can't resist)! Not going to lie I'm going to pass 80% of them down to my little in the spring because the shirts deserve to have a loving home!

9. I wouldn't consider myself an outdoorsy or adventurous person(I think most people I know would agree) but I love going on hikes and going new places. A little adventure every once in a while is always fun, I'm still obsessed with the zip lining trip I took last summer. Probably one of my favorite memories. 

10. I'm an extremely picky eater. I really enjoy mostly eating very simple plain foods. Which is actually really good for me because those are the easiest things to cook. I'm usually willing to try new things because I really hate how picky I am, but I always revert to my favorite staples. 

Top: J.Crew Factory // Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer // Necklace: Brook and York // Shoes: Palm Beach Sandals
I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better as well as getting to see this super fun outfit! I bought these Lilly shorts last summer and they have been a fun summer staple ever since. I paired it with a simple tank from J.Crew Factory. This tank is perfect for going with all your favorite printed shorts while still having some fun touches with the fringe. Happy Thursday, we've almost made it to Friday!


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