Thursday, August 17, 2017

Simple Inspiration

Today's post isn't going to be long or drawn out, it's going to be simple not because I don't have the time to write something longer but because sometimes there is beauty in simplicity. I've always dreamed of having an inspiration section on my blog where I share my favorite quotes and write about what inspires me. Realistically it's just not something I'm prepared to keep up and maintain right now, but I still wanted to share a little bit of what inspires me today!

I think there is something so beautiful about a moment because there is never going to be one exactly like it ever again. It's special and unique and sometimes it's difficult to realize that when you are there. I believe it's important to live your life to its fullest. Enjoy every moment and be present. Smile and radiate joy. Give a stranger a compliment. Take in all the beauty that life has to offer. So I believe you should simply spend today and everyday simply loving your life!


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