Monday, September 11, 2017

Sophomore Year Dorm Tour

Obsessed with my gallery wall this year...ahhh

I was annoyed that my desk didn't have a hutch or any drawers, but this 3 cube organizer from Target gave me the storage I desired without compromising too much desk space. 

My bedposts serve as the perfect storage for purses and hats! Plus I made this little storage ottoman which has been great for helping me to get up onto my bed which is a little tall haha

I really love that my room this year has this built in shelving, it's really nice for storing all kinds of stuff.
The biggest down fall of this room is the closet, it is so small. Honestly, I decided to not even photograph it because it's so small and packed, but here's the door with my super cute monogram towels. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this look at my dorm! I absolutely love my room this year, it is so bright and so much more spacious than last year. We have 3 windows in our room and the natural light is just so perfect for studying. I had a bit of a freak out when I first got to the room because I couldn't set it up exactly like I had imagined but I ended up having so much fun decorating it. I tried to link everything I bought recently so that you all could shop it if you are interested in it. And if you loved this post, then you should definitely check out last years dorm tour as well!

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