Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sorority Life: Getting Involved

I've always been the type of person that likes to have leadership roles, in high school, I was always eager to have some influence in my clubs and activities. When I got to college I craved that same kind of leadership, and I really found what I've been looking for with my sorority. My sorority has allowed me countless opportunities for leadership, whether it's a simple committee meeting, a formal position, or a volunteer position. I love getting to feel like I have influence and a say and honestly it has made me love my sorority even more. 

Some of the best things to get involved within your sorority begin simply just as ideas. Maybe you volunteer to help the social chair with the upcoming function or volunteer to be in charge of the recruitment video, it's not always a formal position but it's a fun easy way to get involved.And you will be so appreciated.  

Find What Fits You
The thing I love about a sorority is that there are so many different positions with so many different levels of time commitment and for different interests. You can always find something for you. The hardest thing is truly narrowing down what you want to be involved with!

Know it's Okay to Do Other Things
When I first started to get involved with my sorority, I thought I needed to do everything but I've slowly realized while it's important to be there you don't always have to be there. Sororities have a wide range events to try and fit different people's schedules and interests and it's not realistic to be at them all. So keep that girls night with your other friends or take that nap after a long day, there will be plenty more.

Be All There
If you commit to helping with something be all there. Even if it is not the biggest or most important event, make sure you help when necessary. Commitment is important and if you make it you need to be able to follow through. Because no one likes the person that flakes on what they said they were going to do...

With all that said, I want to emphasize how being involved with my sorority had really changed the experience for me. It's allowed me to really feel at home and encouraged me to be a more active part of the chapter. I highly recommend that whether you are involved in a sorority or another organization to get involved!

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