Monday, October 30, 2017

Dear Wake Forest, I Love You

This past Friday was my two year anniversary of getting accepted to Wake Forest, it's been the fastest, most amazing two years of my life and I wanted to just share my life after the acceptance. We all know the hard work that goes into trying to get that acceptance letter, but no one really ever shares the excitement that comes for the many years to come after it. 

I still remember the day that big black envelope showed up in my mailbox. I had just gotten home from school and for some reason, my sister, dad, and I were all gathered in our living room. It was strange that we all just happened to be home at the same time. My dad had just gotten back in from getting the mail and was shuffling through the papers. I remember watching him and seeing a large black envelope, thinking I might know what it is I snatched it out of my dad's hand and proceeded to rip it open. My dad was staring at me wondering why I had ripped what he thought was a piece of junk mail out of his hand. I remember ripping the paper out of the envelope and reading it in my head as I said oh my gosh. I had gotten my sister and dad's attention now and they were wondering what was happening and that's when I first said it, "I got accepted to Wake". I couldn't stop smiling, I took a picture, I called my grandparents, and then I just sat there. I thought about all the hard work and long hours I put in to get to this very moment, and all I could think is wow life is amazing. 

Since that chilly October day, Wake Forest has changed my life every day. Whether it was connecting with people all senior year and the summer before move in or trying to plan classes and figure out housing assignments. It was my comfort as my senior year came to a close. It wasn't so scary thinking about leaving my friends and my family when I knew I was going to be at the most perfect home away from home. And that's what Wake became. It's how I felt the very first time I drove through campus and it's how I feel today. 

I could never successfully list everything Wake has given me but that won't stop me from giving it a try. You gave me a home in my sorority with more loving and supportive people than I could ever count. You gave me chilly fall days cheering on the Deacs in the stands. You gave me the reassurance that it's okay to change your mind and your major. You gave me the ability to follow my passions. You gave me late nights doing cartwheels on the quad. You gave me words of encouragement I needed after I had a long day. You gave me campus traditions that made me love this school even more with each passing day. You gave me eating too many cookies at the dining hall. But most importantly you gave me my best friends, my happy place, my fire for life. 

So thank you Wake Forest, thank you for sending me that black envelope on that October day and thank you for loving me every single day since then. I love you Mother so Dear. 

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