Monday, October 2, 2017

Everything Doesn't Have to be Something

I'm very much the type of person that wants everything to be something. I want the people I hang out with to be my best friends, I want the guys I bring to date functions to be my boyfriend, I want the major I declare to be my future. But the truth is that sometimes things are just meant to be simple. A guy is just meant to be a friend, a major is just meant to be a starting place. 

This is something I'm constantly struggling with, I'm always wanting more. I'm always wanting to take everything to the next step. But not everything is meant to be taken to the next level. I've begun to learn that sometimes a friendship is just a friendship and I just need to embrace that. Some people are just there to talk to in class or when you pass them in the dining hall. Other people may just be some fun memories. Not everyone has to be the person that knows all your struggles and challenges. Save that for the specific people that really matter and trust in them. 

I'll be the first to admit that I get easily attached to people. I get especially attached, especially easily to guys. And while it's amazing to want to form deeper connections with people, it also stinks because they don't always reciprocate the feelings. I'll struggle quite often with this because I'll hang out with a guy and instantly want it to be more than a friendship. But not every relationship with a guy needs to be a romantic relationship. Sometimes guys make really awesome friends and people to talk to. Know that getting attached to every single guy you meet only result in heartbreak and difficulty finding the person you really are meant to be with. 

But this problem for me is so much more than just relationships, it spreads into all aspects of my life. In college, I struggled a lot with what to choose as a major. I was putting a lot of pressure on what I chose, believing that it was the sole determinate of my future. That if I didn't choose the right thing I would forever be stuck in something that I didn't love. But I'm starting to view a major as more of a starting point instead of a life decision maker. I think the most important thing is just to follow your passions and chase after the things you love. And know that where you start doesn't determine where you end up. 

The point of this post is to say that it's okay to enjoy the simplicity of life. So be friendly, be present, and be unafraid. Take the job even if it's not exactly perfect for your career path because maybe it's the right fit for you. Embrace friendship with no expectations but to enjoy the moment together. And remember that everything doesn't have to be something. 


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