Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Best of 2017

Hi guys!! Happy New Years Eve, I simply can't believe that 2017 is already coming to an end. It has been a year full of so many great memories and so I thought it would be fun to share some of them here today! Today I'm trying to reflect on a wonderful year while planning ahead for another great year to come.

BID DAY: Found my new home in Theta!

BIG LITTLE REVEAL: Got the best big and joined the best lineage

BASKETBALL: Cheered the Deacs to victory(multiple times) with some sweet friends

TED X: Learned a lot in a fun day spent with my family 

SPRING BREAK: Went home and explored Atlanta with my dad

 WAKE 'N SHAKE: Danced for 6 hours to raise money for cancer research 

SHAG ON THE MAG: Danced the night away with some good friends

CAROLINA CUP: Got all dressed to watch some horse races and got a little(okay a lot) sunburned

EASTER: Spent Easter with my dad visiting Davidson, NC

FORMAL: Danced the night away at my first sorority formal

LDOC: Survived my freshman year of college

HEADED HOME: Moved out of my freshman dorm and said goodbye to my roomie

HANNAH'S WEDDING: Watched my cousin find her happily ever after

COLORADO: Explored the beauty of Colorado with my dad

LAKE: The first of many summer days spent at the lake

MY BIRTHDAY: Celebrated 19 years!

FOURTH OF JULY: Spent one of my favorite holidays with my whole family at the lake

 SAM HUNT: A fun night enjoying a summer country concert with my family

MOVE-IN: New school year, new dorm decor all ready for sophomore year

FDOC: The true start of sophomore year

TRAMPOLINING: A fun night spent with fun friends

PRES BALL: Another excuse to dance the night away in a pretty dress

FOOTBALL SEASON: The best season of all

 EMILY GIFFIN: Meeting one of the coolest Wake alumni

MORE FOOTBALL: I said football season is the best season, right??

DIXIE CLASSIC FAIR: Because you can't have fall without a visit to the fair

THOMAS RHETT: Oh my gosh I think I'm still fangirling over how great this concert was

FALL BREAK: A relaxing break at home with the family 

FAMILY WEEKEND: More football plus family, what more could you ask for?

HALLOWEEN: Being all edgy and stuff

FOOTBALL: One final football Saturday 

THANKSGIVING: A relaxing Thanksgiving with the family at the lake

FORMAL: A night for pretty dresses, mozzarella sticks, and bad dancing

LDOC SNOW DAY: What a way to end the fall semester

 HOME: Just in time to celebrate my sweet mom's birthday

CHRISTMAS: A very Florida Christmas, just how I like it

BELK BOWL: Cheering the Deacs to victory in my first ever bowl game

What a year it has been! And those are just some of the highlights. There's so much to love about this year from new friends to old friends, to traveling and time spent at home, from getting dressed up to bundling up in the snow. Every moment has been special and wonderful. 2017 was filled with so many memories and I can't wait to see all that is to come in the following year. 2018, I'm ready for ya!

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