Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello Two Thousand Eighteen

2017 was a wave of emotions for me. It started out on a high, I joined a sorority and I finally started to feel like I had found my place on campus. I was happy, truly happy. But as my freshman year wrapped up, I felt a plethora of different emotions. I was heartbroken, I was rejected, I was lacking self-confidence. Honestly, I think I hit one of the lowest points of my life emotionally. I cried a lot and I struggled to pick myself up again. But I finished the summer with a new outlook on life. I put the focus of my life back on myself, on living a positive life for me. And I spent the second half of the year saying yes and stepping outside of my comfort zone, why? Because it is what I wanted to do. I went out with my friends, I chased my passions, I found a way to clear my head. 

So in 2017, I learned a couple things. That it is okay to fall down as long as you pick yourself up again. And, that the best way to live a happy life is to put yourself at the center. The truth is when I look back on the year, I don't see those low points. All I see is the love, the laughter, and the lessons. It was honestly a year I will never forget. 

I really hope 2018 will bring me a lot of the same. I really hope that I continue to take care of myself but that I also work to improve myself. I hope that I learn to be better at communicating my feelings and emotions. I hope that I go on more runs and do more yoga. I hope that I start to wake up earlier. I hope I make fun spring break plans and summer plans. I hope I focus on bettering my blog. I hope I capture more of my favorite moments. I hope I spend countless days laughing with my friends. But more than anything I hope I learn to have faith and to trust, both in timing and in what is right for me. 

I'm not hoping for a major transformation this year. I'm not hoping to recreate myself, but to simply pursue the little things. To say yes to a year of new adventures and experiences. A year full of positivity and light. A year full of smiles both big and small. And finally a year full of sameness and change. So cheers to 2018, I hope you make it your year. 


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