Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How I Learned to Let it Go

For me it started with a boy, you know the way all my best stories do, he had slowly begun to find a way into my heart when the worst possible thing happened, summer break. A girl from Georgia and a boy from Maryland seperated by a 10 hour drive or a $200 plane ticket, what horrible timing echoed in my head as I drove home for the summer. I was quite confident that the summer would be the end of whatever this thing between us was. But as the summer progressed, I learned a lot of things but most importantly to have faith that things would work out the way they were supposed to. 

I guess when I look at it now summer doesn't really seem like an end but a pause to get to know each other better without any of the pressure of having a relationship. As a person always eager to check the boxes, I think this summer gave me a powerful reminder that sometimes you just need to slow down. It doesn't always have to be something real right away for now it can just be fun snapchats and lighthearted good nights as you drift to sleep. I learned to find joy in the little things and to know the next step will come when it's time. 

I'm also slowly but surely working on trust. I'm learning that a night of unanswered snapchats doesn't mean that they've gotten bored of you. And sometimes that unanswered text is nothing more than a text that got lost in the shuffle of a busy day. I've learned to let go of stressing about and making sure every little detail is perfect and just let it be how it is. I don't worry about rules and expectations. I just trust in the way that I feel and I never shy away from sharing that. To be able to just let go of all of those silly little things has made me 100% happier. 

I guess I don't really know where things will go in the fall and that's okay. I enjoyed this summer even if it never becomes something more, I loved every one of our silly summer converations. I was happy, truly happy this summer because I lived life simply. I'm not perfect and I still have days when I feel like everything's falling apart but that's when I have to remind myself to let it go and that everything will be okay in the end if you just have faith in timing. 

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