Sunday, June 16, 2019

Welcome to My Well Dressed Life

If you’ve been a loyal follower of My Well Dressed Life, then I guess things are looking a little different around here. If you’re brand new then welcome! Years ago, when I originally came up with the idea for my blog I wanted it to be everything preppy and centered around fashion, but as I got started with it I realized as much as I love fashion, fashion isn’t what I love writing about. I felt constrained to write what I felt was representative of my blog and it's "brand".  And as time went on, I realized I loved writing lifestyle posts about my experiences and my struggles, while these didn’t necessarily fit the brand I had come up with in my head they were fun to write and people enjoyed and engaged with them. So I decided to start fresh this summer with a completely new rebrand that would make My Well Dressed Life into exactly what I wanted it to be (and hopefully you all will love). A place to read about living, learning, exploring, and being. Following my inability to cook, the ins and outs of college life, the occasional exciting trip, the struggles of being twenty-something and everything in between. It’s not a place to be perfect, it’s a place to be perfectly imperfect, to enjoy every moment, and to embrace the life we are all so lucky to live.

So I hope you all will follow along!