Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 Resolutions

I wasn't sure if I wanted to write this post or not, despite how open I am on the blog I'm a private person about some of my more personal goals and desires. I guess it's a fear of not accomplishing it or changing my mind and then people passing judgment on me as if I failed. But it's definitely something I want to work more on this year so I figured this was the perfect place to start. 

1. Make Blogging a Priority: Blogging is something that has been a hobby of mine for so long, it's something that is honestly so near and dear to my heart. But the thing is I've never treated it as more than that. So this year I want to make it something more, so I can reach more people and make a greater difference. As a result, there are several subgoals that go along with this goal. 
a. Make a set time for blogging every day: Much like you have a set time to go to class or to work, I want time to devote solely to blogging without distractions of school work or other obligations. Where I can work on creating content, making connections, and growing my blog. 
b. Get 200 blog posts up this year: My dream is to post on the blog Monday-Friday. But I know realistically with school, work, and life that won't always happen so instead I'm aiming for 200 blog posts. This I feel is realistic while still pushing me to get posts up. 
c. Add an inspiration section to my blog: This is something I've always wanted to do. I want a place on my blog where you can go to find motivation, comfort, and inspiration. I absolutely love quotes and I think this is my space to just share that in an open and accessible place. 
d. Create a blogging content calendar: This is something I've been so bad about. In the past, sometimes I didn't know what I was going to write about on the blog until I sat down to write the post. This sometimes led to posts not fitting well together and the blog seeming a bit disjointed. I still want the freedom to express my feelings but maybe in a more structured and planned way. 
e. Put myself out there: This is something I've gotten so much better about but want to continue to improve on. To share my bog with more people, to not be afraid to reach out to people, and to take risks. To invest in getting better without fear. 

2. Workout More: I fell in love with running and doing yoga over the summer, but school came around and I quickly fell out of it. I love how I feel when I exercise and it's something that I want to feel more this year. Plus I would really like to conquer my fear of my school's gym lol 

3. Wake Up Earlier and Go to Bed Earlier: This past semester I was the absolute worst about going to bed early, I wouldn't go to sleep until midnight just up scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram. As a result, I never wanted to wake up early. I'm 100% more productive in the morning so this upcoming year, I'm going to try and start my days earlier(sorry in advance to my roomie) and end them earlier too.

4. Make More Plans: I'm horrible at making plans, I'm indecisive and I'm scared to ask people to do things. I hate the idea of being rejected or someone being too busy for me. So this year I want to try and change that. To be more decisive and make plans with my sweet friends that I'm so lucky to have in my life.
a. I want to plan a fun spring break: I'm so lucky to have grandparents that live in a place that is actually warm in March and don't live too far from the beach. I'd absolutely love to go there and just hang out and enjoy the warmth with my friends.
b. Take more weekend trips: I'm never going to be a huge world explorer and that's okay but I would love to adventure a bit more. Even if it's just places in my "backyard". On the top of my list: Greenville, SC, Washington DC, Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall, Saint Simon's Island, and many many more.

5. Capture More: This is kind of a funny one because if you ask most of my friends, they would say I'm always the one who's wanting us to all take pictures. And while I love those posed photos capturing our favorite moments. I want to capture more of the little moments just sitting on the couch laughing or baking cookies or studying in the library on Saturday. I also recently made a video of my time at the Belk Bowl and that was an absolute blast so maybe even to start making some more videos as well!

6. Put Away the Technology: I spend so much time on my phone and on my computer. I just want to be more present and in the moment. I attribute some of this to blogging and feeling the need to always be putting myself out there, and I think creating a set time for blogging will really help with this. I'm going to start small by simply putting my phone away at meals or while I'm doing something. I also want to start reading at night instead of scrolling through my phone. I just want to feel more connected and in the moment. And I'd love to go a whole day technology free at some point. 

7. Get a 4.0: This has been a goal of mine since I entered college, I haven't reached it yet but I'm still always working toward it. In high school, I barely had to think about getting a 4.0 but in college it's different. I'm grateful because it's taught me so much to become a better student who actually learns instead of memorizing.

8. Save More, Spend Less: I'm a spender. I absolutely love online shopping and unfortunately love online buying even more lol. I know that I know how to save, I spend my whole summer saving to be able to cover my school and sorority expenses during the year. But I think it's taking it up a notch to save for even further in the future. I know it's something that is hard now but that I will thank myself for in the future. And truthfully do I really need another striped shirt??

9. Be there for People: If there was an award for the person that is the absolutely the worst at comforting people it would be me. I never know what to say and then I end up saying the wrong thing. This is something I definitely want to work on because I want to be able to make the people I love feel better even on their worst day. Overall, just getting better at communicating with people.

10. Stop Chasing: I'm a chaser: boys, friends. I want people to like me, I want people to want to be my friend. But this year I'm going to stop putting effort into people who put no effort back in return. There are so many people that care about being in my life, there is no sense wasting it on someone who doesn't really want to be there.

One of my friends asked me my resolutions the other day and I summed it up like this: I want to start living a life with more intent and organization. I want to make the most of the positions I'm put in, the moment I'm in, the person I'm with. I want to have a purpose and intent for my life and an organized mind. Would love to hear what you all have planned for 2018, let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Belk Bowl

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to cheer on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons in the Belk Bowl. It was probably one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I had such a fun time getting to cheer my team to victory surrounded by so many of my schoolmates and fellow demon deacon supporters. As a result, I wanted to recount the experience here as well as share some fun pictures and a video!

We arrived in Charlotte, NC on Thursday night. It was only a 4-hour drive, but we had just driven home from Florida(10 hours) the day before so upon arrival at our hotel we basically passed out. We missed a few pregame parties, but I didn't mind as I wanted to save my energy for the big game day. 

We woke up early on game day and headed to the Famous Toastery, one of my absolute favorite places to eat breakfast. After that, we headed downtown and over to the stadium. The game wasn't until 1, but Scotty McCreary was putting on a concert beforehand at 11. He was very good and as a big country music fan, it was so fun to hear him sing his own songs as well as country classics I know and love. 

After the concert, we headed into the stadium to watch the Demon Deacons play. The Deacs started out really strong, struggled a little bit after the half but finished up strong and won! It was cool to watch our coach and players receive the trophy and our senior quarterback to get the MVP trophy. It was such an amazing experience full of lots of happy cheers. 

It was a day full of freezing toes, lots of layers, but many more smiles and cheers. I feel so happy and lucky to have gotten to experience it firsthand. It is certainly a day that I will never forget. GO DEACS!

Want to see more? Check out the fun video I made here!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello Two Thousand Eighteen

2017 was a wave of emotions for me. It started out on a high, I joined a sorority and I finally started to feel like I had found my place on campus. I was happy, truly happy. But as my freshman year wrapped up, I felt a plethora of different emotions. I was heartbroken, I was rejected, I was lacking self-confidence. Honestly, I think I hit one of the lowest points of my life emotionally. I cried a lot and I struggled to pick myself up again. But I finished the summer with a new outlook on life. I put the focus of my life back on myself, on living a positive life for me. And I spent the second half of the year saying yes and stepping outside of my comfort zone, why? Because it is what I wanted to do. I went out with my friends, I chased my passions, I found a way to clear my head. 

So in 2017, I learned a couple things. That it is okay to fall down as long as you pick yourself up again. And, that the best way to live a happy life is to put yourself at the center. The truth is when I look back on the year, I don't see those low points. All I see is the love, the laughter, and the lessons. It was honestly a year I will never forget. 

I really hope 2018 will bring me a lot of the same. I really hope that I continue to take care of myself but that I also work to improve myself. I hope that I learn to be better at communicating my feelings and emotions. I hope that I go on more runs and do more yoga. I hope that I start to wake up earlier. I hope I make fun spring break plans and summer plans. I hope I focus on bettering my blog. I hope I capture more of my favorite moments. I hope I spend countless days laughing with my friends. But more than anything I hope I learn to have faith and to trust, both in timing and in what is right for me. 

I'm not hoping for a major transformation this year. I'm not hoping to recreate myself, but to simply pursue the little things. To say yes to a year of new adventures and experiences. A year full of positivity and light. A year full of smiles both big and small. And finally a year full of sameness and change. So cheers to 2018, I hope you make it your year. 


Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Best of 2017

Hi guys!! Happy New Years Eve, I simply can't believe that 2017 is already coming to an end. It has been a year full of so many great memories and so I thought it would be fun to share some of them here today! Today I'm trying to reflect on a wonderful year while planning ahead for another great year to come.

BID DAY: Found my new home in Theta!

BIG LITTLE REVEAL: Got the best big and joined the best lineage

BASKETBALL: Cheered the Deacs to victory(multiple times) with some sweet friends

TED X: Learned a lot in a fun day spent with my family 

SPRING BREAK: Went home and explored Atlanta with my dad

 WAKE 'N SHAKE: Danced for 6 hours to raise money for cancer research 

SHAG ON THE MAG: Danced the night away with some good friends

CAROLINA CUP: Got all dressed to watch some horse races and got a little(okay a lot) sunburned

EASTER: Spent Easter with my dad visiting Davidson, NC

FORMAL: Danced the night away at my first sorority formal

LDOC: Survived my freshman year of college

HEADED HOME: Moved out of my freshman dorm and said goodbye to my roomie

HANNAH'S WEDDING: Watched my cousin find her happily ever after

COLORADO: Explored the beauty of Colorado with my dad

LAKE: The first of many summer days spent at the lake

MY BIRTHDAY: Celebrated 19 years!

FOURTH OF JULY: Spent one of my favorite holidays with my whole family at the lake

 SAM HUNT: A fun night enjoying a summer country concert with my family

MOVE-IN: New school year, new dorm decor all ready for sophomore year

FDOC: The true start of sophomore year

TRAMPOLINING: A fun night spent with fun friends

PRES BALL: Another excuse to dance the night away in a pretty dress

FOOTBALL SEASON: The best season of all

 EMILY GIFFIN: Meeting one of the coolest Wake alumni

MORE FOOTBALL: I said football season is the best season, right??

DIXIE CLASSIC FAIR: Because you can't have fall without a visit to the fair

THOMAS RHETT: Oh my gosh I think I'm still fangirling over how great this concert was

FALL BREAK: A relaxing break at home with the family 

FAMILY WEEKEND: More football plus family, what more could you ask for?

HALLOWEEN: Being all edgy and stuff

FOOTBALL: One final football Saturday 

THANKSGIVING: A relaxing Thanksgiving with the family at the lake

FORMAL: A night for pretty dresses, mozzarella sticks, and bad dancing

LDOC SNOW DAY: What a way to end the fall semester

 HOME: Just in time to celebrate my sweet mom's birthday

CHRISTMAS: A very Florida Christmas, just how I like it

BELK BOWL: Cheering the Deacs to victory in my first ever bowl game

What a year it has been! And those are just some of the highlights. There's so much to love about this year from new friends to old friends, to traveling and time spent at home, from getting dressed up to bundling up in the snow. Every moment has been special and wonderful. 2017 was filled with so many memories and I can't wait to see all that is to come in the following year. 2018, I'm ready for ya!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Christmas List

I've never been big into doing gift guide posts on my blog, I'll do an occasional one here and there but honestly, they're not my favorite posts to write or to read. But lately I've been seeing a lot of people sharing their Christmas wish lists and I've been really enjoying reading them so I thought it would be fun to share one of my own. There isn't really anything I'm desperate for this Christmas, everything is pretty much just stuff I've been eyeing lately. But one thing I am really hoping for is the black booties, I always find myself wishing for a pair as I'm putting together different outfits. Overall, I'm mostly asking for some fun new clothing and jewelry pieces to style this upcoming year. I would love to hear what's on your wish list this Christmas, let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


One thing I recently discovered about myself is that I have a fear of commitment. When I initially figured this out it surprised me. I'm the type of girl that wears matching pajama sets to bed, plans my life meticulously in a planner, and gets dressed and ready every morning before class. How could I be the type of girl that was scared of commitment? But the more I thought about it the more it made sense. 

I've told my closest friends 100 or more times about how in college I want to have a boyfriend but I don't necessarily want him to be my forever. I don't want to date someone now with the intention of marrying them. I want to date them because they make me happy now at this very moment. Someone who likes to go out on the weekends, who will come visit me at work just to make me smile, who will go to Krispy Kreme at 11PM, and who will watch TV while we procrastinate our homework. But I know I won't always be the girl who dances her way through frats and enjoys a midnight sugar rush, so it is difficult for me to want to commit to someone. 

This is because I don't think the person I am today is the person that I'll be 5 years from now. Actually, I know I won't be. Not that I plan to change dramatically, but I'm at a different point in my life now. Right now, I'm not thinking about someone to build a future with, I'm not thinking about someone to raise a family with. Right now, I'm thinking about sorority functions and future aspirations. I'm thinking about enjoying the one point in my life when I'm completely free to be the person I want to be. I'm trying new things and trying to find the person I want to become. 

So yes, I'm scared of commitment. Because I'm still working on myself, I'm still trying to figure out who I want to be. It doesn't mean that I won't meet someone who changes and evolves perfectly to fit my life now and later. Just that I am open to the possibility that I may find that happiness in different people. And that's okay because to grow, to learn, and to develop is a beautiful thing. And as much as I want to be happy today; I want the future careerwoman, wife, mom side of me to be happy too.