Monday, June 18, 2018

Just Slow Down

The other night I was having a sleepy conversation over text before drifting off to bed and I realized something that changed my thinking. The message was from someone who was so purely enjoying life simply because they knew how to make the best of the moment they were in. And that's when I realized so often we are rushing to something else instead of enjoying the present moment we are in. We've all done it, we're all rushing to get to Friday or to summer or to some other position in life. We think oh things will be so much better if I can get to this point or that point. Or maybe you've been dreaming of something and think if you just have it then everything will be okay. Then before we know it in the midst of all the running and rushing, we've missed out on so many of the little moments that make life worth living. 

So sometimes you just need to slow down. You just need to say you know what, I can't wait for that point, but I'm also so happy to be right where I am right now. For me, I'm always rushing to get back to school in the fall, to be reunited with all my friends and the place I love. But often times I brush over the little moments from my summer at home, like Sunday afternoon trips to the grocery store with my mom or trips to the lake or just lounging and reading by the pool. Those things should not be a means to pass the time but to enjoy, that conversation with your mom as you walk down the ice cream aisle and that hello to your neighbor and her adorable baby girl as you relax by the pool. 

Life becomes so much more meaningful when you enjoy every little bit of beauty that it has to offer you. Chase after your dreams and what you want but don't be afraid to enjoy yourself along the way. And sometimes letting things have the time and space they need can make them even stronger in the end. It's amazing how much less complicated and beautiful the journey becomes when you just slow down and trust that what you want will come around in due time. So breathe in, breathe out, and slow down. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

That's a Wrap on Sophomore Year

I'm back and happy to report that I survived sophmore year! Sophmore year was the everything I could have ever wished for and more. I have more happy memories then I could ever recount here, but I've also learned a lot both in the classroom and about myself. I've had some of the best days of my life and I attribute it all to this perfect school and the great friends I'm so lucky to have. Here are just a few lessons and moments to recap from the year. 

Lesson #1: It's Never Too Late to Find your Best Friend

Lesson #2: Always Say Yes 

Lesson #3: Things May Not be Perfect at First..But Give them Time

Lesson #4: Eat the Sweets... Always

Lesson #5: Don't Be Afraid to Step Up to the Plate 

Lesson #6: Call Home Often & Always When it Counts

Lesson #7: Dance the Night Away

Lesson #8: Always Go For It

Lesson #9: Joining a Sorority Was 100% the Right Decision

Lesson #10: Someone Always Has Your Back 

I have at least 100 more things I could have included in this post, but for brevity sake these are some pretty great highlights. Here's to a year of taking chances, having fun, studying hard, and making friendships and memories that will last way beyond the gates of Wake Forest. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


It all starts with a boy, a brunette boy I met while carelessly dancing in the basement of a frat house, you know the way all the best stories begin. He was the adventure I craved and quickly became addicted to. In the moment, he was all I wanted but honestly, he was nothing I needed. I found myself getting attached while he seemed to grow distant. It was a cycle of unanswered texts and a slew of mixed emotions leading up to this past Sunday night. 

For sake of clarity, I guess I should back it up a bit. It started the fall of my sophomore year, we were a random makeout until eventually, it wasn't so random anymore. When I'd show up to their house pretty much every weekend, he'd be the first one I'd look for every time. And you know by some strange logic, it seems the more times you stick your tongue down somebodies throat the more you seem to develop feelings for them. You may not realize it until you see him with another girl and suddenly your jealousy seems to truly come out. Then the next thing you know, you may accidentally start crying about the situation to one of his fraternity brothers and your big in the student center, and at that point, you're in too deep and you need to take action. 

So this brings us to Sunday night, the night when I'd finally take that step. I'd honestly been thinking about it for a while, mostly because I'd started to realize just how much I liked him. He was consuming my thoughts and I found myself starting to get attached. So I decided I needed a way to see if he wanted anything more or if I should close the book. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to ask him to hang out. We had never interacted much outside of the frat party atmosphere, so I knew that would be a good test. My friends were pretty much split, some saying to go for it while others didn't think it was a great idea. But for me, it came down to the fact that I couldn't let myself sit around and make this pretty little story up in my head anymore. 

So I sent the text. Knowing that there were two possible outcomes: he responds and I explore what it could be or he just doesn't respond and I close that chapter of the book. And as much as the thought of not getting a text back hurt me, the thought of being in limbo for any longer hurt worse. I bet you can guess the outcome- no response. And at that point, face full of rejection it was time to close the book. And while it hurts, if I never felt the rejection I'd never be able to completely move on, there would always still be that glimmer that maybe I should have done something more. Now I can move on, saying I have tried and he just wasn't right for me. So cheers to finding the closure we need, even if it requires us to be bold and to take a risk. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

I'm a Big!

Long time no blog, life has been nothing short of crazy lately but I'm back and here to share one part of the crazy last month or so. It's no secret that I had been eagerly preparing for my future little since the day I got my own big. I was so excited to get to spend a week spoiling and surprising someone and then become their "big sister" figure. 

So when bid day arrived, I knew it was game time and I had to try and find the most perfect little to add to my lineage. Each week we are all assigned buddies leading up to big-little, which allows you to get to know the new members. I struggled because I wasn't really clicking with my buddies until the last one! I was so excited when I got the email that she was my little and obviously began anxiously preparing and getting all of her favorites. 

I'm going to do a whole blog post sharing some tips and tricks for preparing for your little. In that post, I'll share the gifts I gave each day of the week and the crafts I did because I put a lot of time and effort into them. But for now, I'm going to introduce you to my little, Lauren and show you some pictures from reveal!

I decided to go for a sporty theme, so I ordered these super cute varsity style tees and then ironed on these vinyls. I topped it off with some fun gold eye black and gold star wrapping paper. For our reveal, we were all wrapped in wrapping paper and our littles got to unwrap us. After the reveal, we took a bunch of pictures on one of our school's fields. The pictures all turned out super cute and it was such a fun afternoon. It was so great getting to welcome Lauren into our sorority family!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Surviving College Boys

Boys, boys, boys: we love them, we mostly hate them. But whether we like it or not somehow they become a big part of our lives, especially in college. I honestly don't feel like I have much authority to write this post because I'm actually the worst with boys but it was requested, so I'll share a little bit of the wisdom that I have. 

1. Put Yourself Out There
Talk to the guy that sits next to you in class or the guy you always see at your favorite frat. Ask the guy to the date function or formal, he probably won't say no and I bet you'll have a great time. Even if you aren't particularly interested in them, you never know who they may be friends with or know. And regardless it's nice to get to know new people and have a fun conversation or night. I'm a strong believer in being vulnerable and taking chances and this is the easiest way to do that. 

2. Don't Take Anything Personally
Boys are dumb, at some point in talking to them/interacting with them they will say something that will most likely confuse the heck out of you or they'll just stop talking to you all together. Maybe they'll always be excited when you ask them to do something but never actually ask you to do anything in return. You'll probably take it incredibly personally but just know they're just a dumb boy who has no idea what they want. They'll either make up for it eventually or you can just drop them like the idiot they are.

3. Accept Your Mistakes 
On the other hand, you'll probably do something stupid at some point as well. Maybe you'll be having a little bit too much fun one night and you'll Snapchat or text them when you most definitely shouldn't. Maybe they won't respond or they won't respond the way you want. As a result, you'll feel like the dumbest person in the world in the moment but in reality, you have to realize that it doesn't really matter. One message or comment isn't going to ruin something as much as you may think it does in the moment. I think I probably do something idiotic in an interaction with a boy at least once a week but it's fine, I'm still alive.

4. Stop Searching
One of my friends, always tells me this but it's true. Stop analyzing every guy as a potential boyfriend and instead focus on making friendships and connections with people. Be friends first and then if it happens to turn into something more, be happy with what it becomes. Similarly, keep your expectations and feelings low, in order to avoid getting hurt. And remember that you don't always have to be looking for forever, sometimes you may just need a now

5. Form Your Own Opinions
If you're in a sorority especially or even if you aren't it's likely that someone will know the guy you are interested in and they will have opinions on them. But it is so important to form your own opinions about people. Of course be cognizant and consider what other people say about them, but get to know the person yourself and then make judgments. Don't write someone off just because your friend's friend interacted with him once and they think he is the biggest jerk in the world.

If I'm being honest, I need someone to tell me all these tips on a daily basis. I can't even count the number of times I have spent (probably way too much) sad over something a boy has done or said to me. It stinks when someone doesn't like you back or when someone doesn't seem to have any element of respect for your feelings. It makes you feel like a crumby person but letting it eat your life alive is an absolute dumb waste of time. Boys honestly don't owe you anything and when it comes down to it someone will put in the effort and it will be a wonderful breath of fresh air. But until then keep your heart open but also maybe keep a little bit of distance. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Surviving College Parties

I have to start this post by saying that I was probably the most sheltered kid going into college. I had never been to a party, I had never been exposed to alcohol or to drugs, and I definitely had no idea how to deal with/ help drunk people. I don't think it was necessarily a bad thing but I feel like it definitely shaped my approach and experience with attending parties in college. I went to my first party first semester of freshman year at one of the more crazy frats on campus on Halloween. It probably wasn't the best starting place, but I had a really good time. That night is still one of my favorite memories at Wake. But since then, I've made my way around the frats and learned how to conquer the frat scene fairly well. 

1. The More Friends the Merrier: First of all parties are definitely more fun if you know a bunch of people there, but it's also so much safer. I don't know how many times I've heard stories of people losing or getting ditched by their friends at parties. So I definitely believe that the more people there looking out for you the better, whether it's your sorority sisters or just a big group of friends. 

2. Stay in your Comfort Zone: I'm usually the type of person to argue for stepping out of your comfort zone, but I think in terms of parties it is fine to stay right where you're comfortable. Sometimes at parties you're tired and you're feeling social pressure and it's a good idea to stick to your core values. Drink, don't drink but make sure the decision is completely your own.

3. Dress Comfortably: Leggings, leggings, and more leggings. At Wake, people don't really dress up to go to frat parties, especially since you'll probably leave with beer/ punch spilled all over you. I'm almost always wearing leggings, converse and then a tee or tank top of some type. Bralletes also are a party lifesaver.  It's an outfit that is comfy, is practical, is easy and at the end of the day, you'll never regret wearing it. 

4. You Don't Have to Drink: I think one of the most common misconceptions about parties in college is that you have to drink. And I'm here to tell you that you can 100% go to a party without drinking. First of all, I've never been to a frat that forces alcohol on someone that doesn't want it and even if someone does hand you a cup it is so easy to fake it. Everyone makes fun of me for this one but it honestly works; if you don't want to drink it just pour a little bit on the floor every once in a while as you dance around. No one will notice and it'll be gone in no time.  

5. Say No/Lie: Drunk frat guys can be slightly aggressive, so it's important to have a plan to get out of a situation you don't want to be in. First of all, always try to stay near your friends so that they can help you out, you can kind of wave to them and signal for them to come over. But if you don't see someone you know nearby or they aren't picking up the signal, check your phone and make up a lie saying that you need to go find your friend. Most guys will at that point get the signal and leave you alone. But regardless, keep lying and saying no until they finally leave and then get the heck out of there. 

6. Think Twice: As I said earlier in this post, I believe that sometimes judgment becomes clouded when you're in a frat basement. So maybe think twice before you make out with a random stranger. Ask yourself if you'll be able to deal with the reality of seeing him again every single time you go to that frat. Even decently sized schools become very small, very quickly in regards to boys you don't really want to see. 

Obviously, I'm no expert on frat parties and all schools do things slightly differently, but I think the best advice is to just be careful and to use your judgment. Always remember that underage drinking is very much illegal and is something that needs to be taken seriously if you choose to do it. But enjoy the party, let loose and have fun dancing with all of your best gals. 


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happiness Starts with You

Dress: Nordstrom // Jacket: J.Crew Factory // Tights: J.Crew Factory // Boots: Tommy Hilfiger // Watch: Kate Spade // Necklace: Brook & York 

If I had to catalog my life I would divide into 2 parts, one part where I lived in a place of constantly wanting more and another where I lived in a place of peace and contentment. It's not quite as simple as I stated, but I spent the majority of my life in a state of never being truly happy. I would spend my weekends bored and alone and I'd put a lot of pressure on myself. But I would never take any personal responsibility for it, I would blame it on hating high school or my hometown. If only I was in college, if only I lived in this town, or if I was in this situation than I'd be happy. I never saw my attititude as the problem. 

Regardless I saw college asa fresh start for me to turn my life into what I wanted. But I knew I would only achieve it, if I took personal initiative. The best advice anyone has told me is that happiness is not situational but that it begins with you. People may push you along, people may invite you to do things, but the reality is that if you want to be happy you need to make that decision on your own. Be the one that makes the plans for Sunday brunch, ice cream after class, or a fun spring break trip. Be the one that smiles despite a bad grade in a class, not getting the position you wanted, or tripping up the stairs. Don't expect other people or the situation you are in to simply result in that.

One of the most helpful things for me has been beginning and ending each day on a positive note. I wake up in the morning and try to smile and think of a happy memory. Then I end the day by reflecting on the 3 best parts of my day. I found a book at Home Goods that helps you record this and I really love being able to put pen on paper after a long day. Though, sometimes I don't remember to do it on paper and simply jot it down in the notes on my phone before drifting on to sleep. When I'm having a particularly difficult day or not feeling quite myself I can flip through the book and reflect on some of my favorite moments and every day happiness. It really just helps me to end the day on a positive note. 

So don't be afraid to create your own happiness, to smile and laugh and love every minute of your life. And reflect on the moments that make your life great. Because the best way to find happiness is to create it in everything you do.